Job Focus: Four Gaming Jobs, Four Jurisdictions

Job Focus: Four Gaming Jobs, Four Jurisdictions

Job Focus / February 5th, 2016

This week we take a detailed look at four very different jobs in four very different countries. All of these jobs are in iGaming – otherwise known as remote gaming or eGaming – which is a catch-all term for web-based gambling companies such as PokerStars and Bet365. All of them are in offshore English-speaking jurisdictions, in Europe. Most importantly, however, none of them require you to have iGaming experience – so they represent ideal opportunities for people looking to make a change in their careers.

We are currently recruiting for all four of these posts, all of them are open to overseas applications, and together they show the variety of roles and lifestyles that this growing industry has to offer people with the right skills.

Head of Performance Marketing / Malta / EUR 55,000 to 80,000 p.a.

Sun, sea, and sand. Every day, or at least close to it – Malta has he highest average number of days of sunshine per year in Europe. It’s a small archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily, an independent member state of the European Union, and home to almost half a million people. It is English speaking. Malta is extremely popular for relocations, boasting as it does low domestic tax rates, Schengen Area membership, a rich history, and a vibrant and active social scene.

The role is a senior one within an established and growing gaming company. The most important thing to note is that although our client is looking for an experienced business-to-consumer marketer, they do not necessarily require a background in gaming. This makes it a great opportunity for a change – to enter one of the most exciting and technology driven industries in the world.

This is a very data-driven and analytical role, but nevertheless will be within a very creative, dynamic environment. The lucky individual who lands this job will be working with state-of-the-art technology and an extremely talented team. That’s one of the great things about gaming – the teams and environments can be as challenging and stimulating as any Silicon Valley start-up.

Web Applications Developer / Isle of Man / Market Rate

We’ll be honest: despite the native palm trees, the Isle of Man isn’t as sunny as Malta. It does have its own charms, however! Sitting right in the middle of the UK and less than an hour by plane to all of Britain’s major transport hubs, it offers an extremely high quality of life with short commutes, high salaries, low domestic tax rates, excellent telecoms and public infrastructure, a rich Celtic heritage, and very active outdoor pursuits and motorsports communities.

This highly technical role shows another way to get into gaming. The employer is looking for seven years of IT experience, five of them spent in a software development house. This would be ideal for an underpaid, undervalued developer to make a move into an industry that is desperate for talent, gives plenty of opportunity to be creative, and pays excellent salaries (and don’t forget about the double-whammy benefit of the Island’s low taxes!).

UX Designer / Gibraltar / GBP 40,000 to 50,000 p.a.

Back to the sunny options, now. Have you ever fancied living in sunny Southern Spain, but can’t can’t be bothered learning Spanish? Gibraltar is the place for you. It’s a small peninsula located at the Southern tip of Spain, within sight of the North African coast, but it is an independent, English speaking British Overseas Territory. The territory mixes a strongly British culture with a warm Mediterranean climate, plus low domestic tax rates, short commutes, and easy access to Spain and Morocco.

Once again, the client is one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe, offering an incredibly fast-paced and challenging work environment. In this case it’s a user experience design expert they need, working primarily on online sports products, so an interest in sports will certainly help out. If you’re bored of creating the same old user experiences over and over, this industry and this company will give you the chance to do something new, and offer attractive benefits and relocation support to sweeten the deal!

Business Intelligence and Insight Analyst / Guernsey / Competitive

One of the Channel Islands, Guernsey is situated off the coast of Normandy, France. Like Gibraltar, it offers a rare mixture of British culture with a substantially warmer climate – whilst not quite Mediterranean, you’ll get a lot more sunshine than London does. It also boasts the (probably now familiar!) benefits of short commutes and low taxes.

This a great opportunity for a young maths and data genius, as the client is only asking for an undergraduate degree and a minimum of two years’ experience. This would be an absolutely stellar career move for a talented individual who has spent a few years with an accountancy and management consultancy business straight out of university, for example, as it will be a complete change of pace and the remuneration is substantial.