Malmo in the Med: How Malta has become a Second Home for Scandis

Malmo in the Med: How Malta has become a Second Home for Scandis

Relocation / January 7th, 2019

Sunny weather, blue skies and sea, friendly locals… need we continue? There are many reasons why so many Scandinavian job seekers have found a veritable paradise on the Maltese shores. Tiny in size yet with a big heart, Malta has much to offer, from beautiful weather to a booming iGaming and Blockchain sector. The demand for Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish talent has never been so high on the island; here are a few reasons why so many from Scandinavia are making a move to the sunniest spot in the Mediterranean.

It’s impossible to get homesick

In 2016,  one of the biggest Maltese websites published a blog entitled “6 Types of Swedes in Malta” – which should give an indication of just how vast the Swedish presence is on the island. Danes who miss homegrown cuisine can usually be found at the popular Hush restaurant at the heart of the stunning Portomaso Marina in St. Julians, where they can snack on smørrebrød and Danish meatballs to their hearts’ content. There’s even a shop in the sleepy town of Sliema called “Little Sweden”, where expats can treat themselves to goodies and ingredients, including fresh sandwiches and smörgåstårtor on request. And, because the island is so small, it’s very easy for Scandis to bump into each other and make friends, whether at work or outside the office. In fact, a popular destination for Scandinavian tourists and expats is The Danish Village, also known as the Mellieha Holiday Centre. Built by Hans Munk Hansen in 1979, this picturesque resort offers the very best of Scandinavian holiday life – with a Mediterranean twist.

Snakker du norsk?

As you may or may not already know, Malta is one of the hottest iGaming hubs in the world right now, with some of the biggest gaming companies from Scandinavia having moved to and acquiring online licenses to operate on the island. Naturally, these businesses are hungry for Scandinavian talent – from customer service and administration to account management and marketing, the job opportunities are vast and cover numerous sectors. There are even openings for game presenters and live dealers, along with sales officers and brand executives. Many of these companies also offer on-the-job training for those who lack experience, and greatly emphasise career development and professional growth – hard work never goes unrewarded!

Apart from all this, the perks that often come with these jobs are second to none: themed parties, events by the pool, casual work attire, free breakfast at the office… and even work holidays at the most exotic places in the world!

It’s the perfect marriage

Opposites attract, or so they say, and it turns out it’s especially true of Northerners in a Southern climate. Malta offers a sunny escape to Scandinavians who have grown tired of dreary grey skies and below zero temperatures; apart from the climate, there’s an active nightlife and tons of tourist attractions, many of which reflect the island’s rich history and culture. The (mostly) cheap alcohol definitely doesn’t hurt, either…

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