The Increasing Demand in SEO Workers: Digital Marketing Jobs

The Increasing Demand in SEO Workers: Digital Marketing Jobs

Job Focus / February 13th, 2019

Ask a class of children how many of them  want to be a doctor or a pilot when they grow up and you’ll get a few raised hands. Ask them who wants to be an athlete or a famous singer and you’ll probably get quite a few more. Ask how many of them would want to be SEO professionals and all you’ll get is awkward silence and blank stares.

Yet the world is changing, and there are now more jobs in content marketing and SEO than ever before. However, since it is a relatively new industry, most people working digital marketing jobs come from a variety of backgrounds; be it programming, traditional marketing or journalism. Let’s take a look at the main areas of SEO:

Content is King

Although content marketing is an umbrella term that involves anything from posts to promotional videos intended to stimulate interest in a product or brand, in terms of SEO, we refer to the creation and distribution of relevant blogs and text copy to attract and retain a specific audience, and increase website traffic. Indeed, content marketing is quickly becoming one of the main ways to attract and build relationships with customers, which  is what ultimately drives profitable customer action. Ka-ching!

It’s a case of research and jealous exes

It’s been said that a jealous woman does better research than the FBI – wait, hear us out! This skill set has much in common with what is expected of an SEO professional. We’re not talking stalker duties, rather, the ability to do one’s own keyword research, incorporate said keywords correctly in their content, know how to get insights on how the keywords are ranking and analyse the amount of traffic they are directing traffic to the site. However, as any experienced SEO professional can attest to, SEO is an ever-changing industry, which requires adaptability and keeping up-to-date with new algorithms and updates. After all, what good is content if people can’t find it?

Let’s get technical

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is more than just blogs and keywords. Enter technical SEO – the process of optimising a website to help search engines crawl and index it effectively, which helps organic rankings. SEO professionals do this by analysing and seeing to contributing factors such as page speed, redirects and basic HTML tags.

It’s good to have connections

… and links. Link building with strong, high-quality backlinks, can increase site traffic as well as improve SEO ranking, as the number of backlinks a website has is a good indicator of its importance with search engines.

With businesses increasing their investment in organic channels, content and SEO are growing fields for both junior and senior professionals looking for digital marketing jobs. We predict this will start to have an impact on the educational syllabus and hand-raising trends in classrooms worldwide. So….

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