Observations Of iGaming Salaries

Observations Of iGaming Salaries

Job Focus / February 19th, 2019

Malta has become widely viewed as the global home of the booming iGaming sector. And in an industry that puts so much emphasis on talent acquisition and retention, insights about salaries are critical.

Tech & Analytics Roles

With the rapid changes taking place in technology worldwide, a wealth of tech-related positions have become available, with many firms creating new roles that combine data analytics, tech and marketing, that have brought with them a consistently growing demand for different tech professionals. Considering this, it should come as no surprise that the largest increases in salaries of all job types in the industry have been in Tech & Analytics roles. 2018 saw a particularly strong demand for data analytics experience.

Mid-to-Senior Positions

Such positions (excluding CEOs, CFOs, and COOs) have also seen a significant increase in salaries. This demonstrates the growing demand for high-quality industry expertise and leadership skills, with Head of Affiliates and Head of SEO departments being great examples. Firms have also tended to expand their social marketing teams and offer higher salaries for more specialised positions in these areas.


An interesting observation we’ve made is a decrease in the lower banding for some specialist functions such as Compliance and Responsible Gaming. This might indicate companies’ willingness to hire junior talent into key areas and train them accordingly, which opens doors for job-seekers with less experience looking to get their foot in the proverbial door.

Thinking of Relocating Within the iGaming Industry?

As much of a big a step packing up your life and leaving everything you know to head off to uncharted territory can be, relocating is sometimes your best bet for long-term career opportunities, a higher salary, and a much-needed change of scenery.

Being a specialist international recruitment and headhunting firm, we understand the importance of offering a well-structured relocation program to recruit more productive employees that are more likely to stay past the often-challenging initial period. Since covering relocation expenses is a one-time cost for a company, it can be a smart recruitment tactic, as it increases the pool of applicants and in the case of recruiting internally, saves money on hiring and training a new employee. While the relocation package is unlikely to be the key driver of an individual’s decision to accept a role, it will undoubtedly influence their decision and is therefore an important part of an offer.