Island Living: Relocating to Jersey or the Isle of Man

Island Living: Relocating to Jersey or the Isle of Man

Relocation / March 12th, 2019

Peace of mind? Beautiful environment? A stable economy?
Yes please!

Relocating to a different country is not an easy to decision to make, particularly if you already have a family or own a business. However, when an opportunity comes your way that’s hard to pass up, it could very well mean that you might have to up sticks and take a chance. And few other places offer opportunities like the ones found in Jersey or the Isle of Man; jobs are plentiful and cover a broad spectrum of industries. Here’s why the team at Boston Link would recommend these two islands to anyone seeking not only a promising career, but also an exceptional work life balance.

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go…

If you’re looking to move for work reasons to Jersey or the Isle of Man, jobs in the eGaming industry and in finance are high in demand, guaranteeing stability along with a generous income.  Digital Jersey, a government-backed organisation, is dedicated to the growth of the digital sector on the island, which boasts over 400 creative and digital businesses with a workforce of 2,700 professionals. As for the Isle of Man, graduates are treated to a wide variety of opportunities, with vacancies offered by companies such as HSBC, Deloitte, KPMG and PWC.

Getting Around

Both islands are relatively small in size; however, the Isle of Man is about 5 times bigger than Jersey (but interestingly, hosting a smaller population). With a large network over 600 miles of road, commuters can reach any point on the IOM within 45 minutes, thanks to a series of A-roads stretching between all major towns. Bus services and routes tend to be largely reliable and regular, connecting a number of towns, villages and attractions. There are also three heritage railways which normally operate on a seasonal basis and outside commuting hours; they’re mostly regarded as recreational transport or a fun way to travel.

With spectacular sea views and lush, tree-lined country lanes, Jersey is a beautiful place to explore on foot when not at work. The island’s top destinations are all just a short bus ride away, with a network of key routes that is easy to navigate. People in Jersey drive on the left, on paved roads that cover about 350 miles along the coastline and between fields and farms.

Work Sounds Good, but What About Play?

There’s no danger of Jack becoming a dull boy on the IOM or Jersey! The latter is bursting with natural beauty, with pure, clean sea air and unspoilt beaches such as St. Brelade’s Bay or hidden coves like Portelet and Beauport. Locals and expats dine at Michelin-starred restaurants and go for cliff-top golf breaks at the weekends to wind down.

Love motorcycling? The IOM is home to the greatest motorcycle event in the world: the Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) races, which are held every May. If that’s not quite your thing, there’s a wealth of history and culture on the island which attracts as many locals as it does tourists, the former being very proud of their Manx roots (that’s right – the famous tailless Manx cat originated here!) 

Living the Dream

Families living on either island have access to top class education systems, with highly regarded public schools and a wide selection of universities and colleges. Crime is low, with the IOM having been declared as the safest of the large British isles and a culture of privacy enveloping both islands. Inhabitants enjoy a unique work-life balance, where business is often mixed with pleasure and workers can join their families on the beach minutes after leaving the office.

Business and Tax

Residents of Jersey and the IOM enjoy some of the lowest tax rates in Europe, allowing workers to pave the way to prosperity and enjoy the well-earned fruits of their labour. A number of different schemes and grants are offered by the Isle of Man government, allowing businesses to be more efficient and competitive by investing in new technologies.

Building connections is also made easier on Jersey, as a result of island-wide gigabit and 4G connectivity providing a highly-developed communications network.

Make Your Way Over to Jersey or the Isle of Man: Jobs, a New Home and a Prosperous New Life Await You!

Visit our landing pages to view our vacancies in Jersey or the Isle of Man – jobs range from roles in law and accounting to administration, finance and more! Contact Boston Link today and we’ll give you all the information you need by assigning you one of our expert and friendly consultants.