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Anthony Murphy
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We are looking for a successful Product Delivery Manager who can promote one or more of the teams to the next level, helping to create a learning organisation and a great workplace culture which provides room for autonomy, mastery, and purpose. From product discovery to delivery to marketing, you will have influence each area, enabling the user-centric approach and evolution through innovation. You will know the difference between 'doing' and 'being' agile, and that your role is to be an agent of change, rather than a drill sergeant.

Our Client's cross-functional teams consist of SEO Analysts, Content Specialists, UX/UI Specialists, Software Developers, QA Engineers and dedicated Account Managers. You will lead one or more such teams to perform to their best and be effective, fostering best practices across the different disciplines within the team, relentless improvement to deliver better and faster, and ultimately delight our users.

Your Main Responsibilities:
  • Ensure vision, mission and objectives are easily understood by the team;
  • Create a culture of ownership and self-organisation within the team;
  • Assist and encourage the team to practise dual-track agile – product discovery and product delivery – encouraging the early involvement of team members in the process of product discovery and building a validated product backlog;
  • Harmonise and facilitate key team meetings including product discovery sessions, sprint planning, DSUs, sprint retros and OKR check-ins. Ensure meetings are effective and that they yield the expected value, rather than just going through the motions;
  • Help the product owner in (i) developing a high-value product backlog, guaranteeing that the product backlog refinement process is well understood by both PO and team, and facilitating successful collaboration between the PO and the team; (ii) organising inputs and managing the size of the product backlog; and (iii) explaining the scope of an upcoming sprint by identifying and prioritising the most valuable items in the product backlog;
  • Commit to the team’s speed of delivery, driving removal of impediments which slow it down – across all functions within the team, while understanding the importance of not necessarily removing such impediments on behalf of the team;
  • Help the team implement best practices and relentlessly improve on them – again, across all functions within the team;
  • Motivate and encourage the team to have effective retrospectives, ensuring that retros are a safe space, and initiating different retro formats to maintain interest;
  • Ensure action items arising from retros are appropriately followed up to closure;
  • Recognise that different stages of an agile team’s development require different approaches;
  • Take necessary and effective action to address counterproductive behaviours from any team member;
  • Push the boundaries beyond a particular flavour of agile, guiding the team through their journey of experimentation towards what works best for them to achieve their goals;
  • Help create, track and report performance metrics for the team/s and, most importantly, making the necessary changes for the team to improve relentlessly;
  • Identify anti-patterns as they emerge within the team and guide the team towards avoiding them in the first place where possible;
  • Be part of driving forward Agile within the organisation, interpreting best practices into actionable recommendations, socialising Agile and strengthen its adoption in the organisation.
Knowledge Skills & Experience:
  • Fluent in English, with excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • Great attention to detail;
  • Passion to innovate, be successful and encourage positive change in a fast-paced industry;
  • Established team leadership skills that focus on inspiration and influence;
  • Experience in leading one or more cross-functional teams; experience as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach would be an asset.
  • Experience working in a Digital Marketing, SEO-driven environment, together with in-depth knowledge of the software development lifecycle, good engineering practices and delivering quality products would be ideal;
  • Possesses a good grasp of, and able to successfully apply, a variety of team models and facilitation techniques;
  • Comfortable working within a team;
  • Curious, well-read in Agile and a range of associated topics including modern Product Management, keeping abreast of new and emerging methods whilst quickly learning and applying new approaches with rigor;
  • Familiar with the Shu-Ha-Ri method of learning new techniques;
  • Advanced Jira skills, including the ability to develop and customise boards, produce and interpret a variety of reports, as well as understanding and writing search queries in JQL, would be a plus;
  • Understanding of or experience with any of the following would be an asset: the performance/affiliate marketing business model, the OKRs framework, Dual Track Agile with Product Discovery and Product Delivery, Lean UX, Theory of Constraints.
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Anthony Murphy
Senior Consultant
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