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Jake Appleton
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  • Experience creating enterprise-grade solutions.
  • Understand domain driven design principles.
  • Experience in training Senior Developers.
Solutions Architects engage in the most multi-dimensional, multi-faceted and multi-functional roles on EARTH! 

Reporting to VP Strategy, the Solutions Architect we NEED will provide support to our clients operational, strategic, sales, client services, platform and product functions by governing the design of platform initiatives and changes in line with our clients overall strategic vision from a product and technical perspective.

Main Responsibilities:
  • Assisting commercial team with early stage understanding of potential opportunities, helping score opportunities in terms of feasibility and alignment with technology strategy and reviewing technical aspects of HoTs and contracts
  • Running discovery workshops with internal and external operational stakeholders, prospects and suppliers to understand their problems and guide them towards technology solutions that meet our clients strategic objectives
  • Evangelising our clients approach to developing and deploying unique gambling
  • technology solutions through our approach towards minimal user intervention using industry best practices
  • Recognising sub-optimal solutions and understanding how to leverage suppliers to improve their offering instead of ‘working around’ limitations
  • Helping represent the emerging technology needs of our clients own Operation and B2B customers and prospects in developing our client’s platform
  • Providing architectural oversight of initiatives on our clients platform change board in line with platform tech strategy
  • Providing solution designs for initiatives which have critical platform architecture impacts
  • Develop relationships with key suppliers to encourage deep integrations and nurture joint ventures and support new product initiatives by providing technical oversight
  • Mentoring of technical leads within our client to expand the pool of solution resources able to meet the needs of the business
  • Actively engage in the development of solution processes and governance

  • Experience creating enterprise-grade, scalable solutions using modern, distributed systems approaches and patterns
  • Understanding of Domain Driven Design principles
  • Ideally experienced with Google Cloud Platform specific concepts, tools, PaaS/IaaS offerings for compute, networking, database such as Kubernetes, Cloud Functions, BigTable, Firebase, Pub/Sub, Dataflow
  • Experience with other cloud native technologies eg. AWS, Azure considered
  • Experience with other persistence technologies including Hazelcast, Cassandra, MySQL
  • Experience with hybrid cloud/local infrastructure setups
  • Solid and wide ranging understanding of multi-tier web architecture for creating solutions which touch web and native app clients, server backend, OLTP persistence layer, data messaging flows and data warehousing back end reporting systems
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, including proven experience with producing high quality solution design artefacts which demonstrate deep understanding of business requirements and goals and connect them to technical solutions with clear, concise visual representation/illustration using C4/UML or similar structured diagramming approaches
  • Experience in training senior developers, evangelizing best practices and patterns to enable consistent, high quality code throughout the engineering organization
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Jake Appleton
Associate Consultant
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