Games Monetisation Designer

$120,000 per annum
Jake Appleton
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  • Largest independent games development studio in Australia.
  • Award winning Free to Play and Social Gaming environment.
  • Uncapped holiday and leave.
  • Responsible for the overall direction and development of game economies and monetisation system development.
  • Work closely with the Product Managers and Lead Designers to develop monetisation systems that are in-line with the game vision while increasing retention and revenue.
  • Monitor KPIs and generate performance reports of monetisation related metrics and propose solutions to improve them.
  • Design monetisation systems that work with the products based on proven methods as well as bringing an innovative approach to developing new monetisation systems.
  • Be responsible for defining pricing strategies for in-game store items, sales and promotions, in-line with maximising KPI performance.
  • Collaborate with Game Designers to design and implement new game features to improve conversion and overall monetisation.
  • Keep your pulse on emerging monetisation trends, generate competitive analyses and identify ways of integrating it into a monetisation strategies relevant to our games.
  • Experimenting with economy balancing prior to release and during live-ops postlaunch, including A/B Testing, conditional user segmenting.
  • Prototype economic simulations to prepare for likely outcomes of player behaviour.
  • Sharing your ideas and ways of thinking to other team members to get them onboard with your monetisation concepts.
  • 2+ years experience within the games industry in a design, product management, marketing, or other relevant role.
  • Proven experience in developing successful, well balanced FTP economies in live products.
  • Great knowledge of Free to Play games, particularly within the casual market, and understanding of player desires.
  • Outstanding communication and collaboration skills, great at working in a team and independently.
  • Strong interest and belief in data-driven approach to support and validate intuition.
  • A strong passion for creating and playing video games.
  • Strong interpersonal, team and communication skills .
  • A strong desire to be at the leading edge of monetisation design through research and competitive analysis.
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Jake Appleton
Associate Consultant
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