Database Administrator

Giada Pietribiasi
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  • Responsible for the performance, integrity, security & availability of databases
  • Reporting to the Senior Manager IT
  • Career enhancement & development opportunities
Daily Responsibilities include:
  • Effectively overseeing databases, ensuring high availability and minimum downtime;
  • Linking the communication between Data, Development and IT teams, enhancing processes and reducing friction on database-related tasks;
  • Actively participating in the development and data roadmap in order to understand and contribute to current and upcoming solutions and products from a data organisation and architecture perspective;
  • Executing database server configuration, performance tuning, analysis and optimisation;
  • Organising and administering database changes for in-house code releases and database maintenance releases;
  • Establishing and maintaining policies, procedures for database management;
  • Developing database improvement and scalability plan to cater for growth;
  • Installing, configuring, operating and handling database servers in a distributed model;
  • Overseeing and optimising the performance of the production databases;
  • Handling database security and disaster recovery solutions;
  • Planning for increased capacity and scalability;
  • Responding to technical issues in a professional and timely manner.
Who are you?
  • Possess at least six (6) years' DBA experience in a SQL environment;
  • A Degree and or DBA certification would be considered an asset;
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of SQL and SQL server tools;
  • Knowledge of database systems and administration;
  • Excellent scripting skills;
  • Experience with enterprise-level high-volume transactional systems;
  • Database disaster recovery experience and planning.
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Giada Pietribiasi
Associate Consultant
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