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Anthony Murphy
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  • Directly reporting to the COO and the Board of Directors
  • At least 2 years experience within the iGaming industry
  • Flexible work hours, & numerous learning and growth opportunities
We're searching for a highly organised and driven German-speaking Content Coordinator (DACH) to manage and monitor our client's portfolio's content development. The ideal candidate should have prior experience leading big content teams, preferably in the iGaming industry and in a lead generating firm. It's critical that the candidate has extensive experience scaling and managing teams independently, as well as meeting huge content expectations from stakeholders and peers.

You will be responsible for all internal and external resources as a content coordinator. The ideal applicant possesses both good communication and organisational abilities. We're searching for someone with the proper attitude who is continually looking for ways to improve.
Main Duties & Responsibilites: 
  • Develop content strategies that are in line with both short- and long-term marketing goals;
  • Plan and build site content, style, and layout in collaboration with marketing and design teams;
  • Maintain, produce, and manage content resources for the German-speaking market;
  • Build and extend freelancer and writer pool independently;
  • Plan, supervise, and carry out content quality assurance, proofreading, and publishing for the German-speaking assets;
  • Manage and implement content workarounds in order to improve the quality of our sites' content;
  • Ensure that content is supplied on schedule and in the manner that was agreed upon;
  • Develop editorial standards and structures and incorporate them into current workflows;
  • Monitor, analyse and optimise existing procedures;
  • Guarantee brand and narrative consistency, by communicating with content writers;
  • Directly reporting to the Company's Chief Operations Officer and the Board of Directors;
  • Taking on responsibility for meeting project goals; and any other specific tasks and/or responsibilities that may be properly expected of them in this role.
What do you have to offer?
  • At least two (2) years of experience in online marketing as a Content Manager/Content Coordinator;
  • Previously directed Content teams; worked with and established freelancer connections for content creation;
  • A thorough understanding of WordPress environments;
  • A thorough grasp of the iGaming sector, preferably with an emphasis on the German market;
  • Project Management experience (e.g., the scrum technique);
  • A native German speaker is a plus.
  • An excellent English speaker;
  • When it comes to developing new thoughts, be innovative, proactive, and have a strong teamwork capacity.
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Anthony Murphy
Senior Consultant
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