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Anthony Murphy
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  • Basic familiarity of the iGaming sector required
  • Liaising with the Marketing Department
  • Professional growth opportunities & great company benefits offered
In a fast-paced work environment, we're looking for a motivated Content & Social Media Coordinator to lead our client's content writing needs, manage a team of freelance writers, and manage the execution of the social media strategy plan and reporting. This candidate will work mainly in the Marketing department, but will also frequently assist the Product and Sales teams.

The candidate will also work as part of a team to support content production and oversee its execution from request to completion, as well as fine-tune an ongoing content process and ensure that all documentation and material are stored correctly according to the present set-up.

Duties will include:

Content coordinator:
  • Managing the content team and ensuring that all content is assigned to the appropriate individual, is provided on time, and that all work is completed accurately and efficiently;
    Coordinating the freelancing team's content process as well as all content requests;
  • Requesting and organizing all content, creating the content schedule, assigning and checking tickets, and ensuring that all tickets are finished on time;
    Keeping track of all articles and content items that are being written, scheduled, and released;
  • Maintaining an organized calendar for content to be uploaded across numerous blogs, as well as optimizing a good timetable between different types of content being posted throughout blogs and social media accounts, and ensuring that all timelines are kept in order;
  • Ensuring that all tickets are properly proofread and that the content team adheres to the content writer's guide;
  • Ensuring that all documents are properly labelled and kept in the drive, as well as keeping the drive up to date at all times;
  • Picking up requests and routing them through the proper channels to ensure that content is developed and presented appropriately and on schedule;
  • Collecting, proofing, and updating content for various brands' website updates and other advancements;
  • Being a resource for the Marketing department in locating and organizing content needed for marketing projects and developments from many divisions;
  • Acting as the primary point of contact for all content proofing and editing requirements;
  • Ensuring that all brands and sub-brands, as well as branded objects, are approved via marketing before being published anywhere and that all content is current at all times;
  • Collaboration and close communication with other departments such as Marketing, SEO, and Product.
Social media coordination:
  • Coordination of social media and analytical reporting;
  • Working with the Marketing Manager to assist grow the company's social media presence;
  • Being in charge of all social media content scheduling and preparation across all platforms;
  • Assisting Marketing Managers with content and concept ideas, as well as providing creative input as needed;
  • Creating and managing social media material depending on the blog content that each brand is releasing;
  • Ensuring that all content on numerous brand websites, social media profiles, public information, and internal product catalogues is current and accurate;
    Coordinating the execution and scheduling of the Marketing team's social media content and initiatives;
  • Monitoring trends in social media and blogging to ensure the company's brands' content and blog strategies are current;
  • Keeping an eye on the brands' social media comms for updates while working closely with the Marketing Manager to come up with ideas and suggestions for content.
Reporting & Analytics:
  • Monitoring and gathering data from social media networks in order to generate monthly reports;
  • Managing and gathering data from all social media profiles, including insights, metrics, and analytics;
  • Using reports to track trends and identify methods to improve, as well as collaborating with the Marketing Manager to develop new concepts based on the data;
  • Managing all processes and building new ones to accommodate continuous tasks with multiple steps;
  • Collaborating with the Marketing Manager to create an instruction manual for the marketing team's activities;
  • Collecting and properly storing all processes in a disk, as well as ensuring that they are distributed to all employees involved.
  • Creating and composing content for client and customer subscription lists for various brands' blogs and newsletters.
Required Qualifications and Skills:
  • Basic familiarity of the iGaming sector - largely in terms of how online casinos work and different sorts of games - is sufficient;
  • Basic picture editing and content creation knowledge and skills;
  • A native English speaker with excellent writing, proofreading, and editing abilities;
  • Previous experience managing blog material for a variety of websites and companies;
  • Previous experience utilizing JIRAl to coordinate the work and deadlines of diverse team members;
  • Understanding of the Google Drive system;
  • Basic SEO knowledge;
  • Basic knowledge of using WordPress and uploading/editing articles to blogging area;
  • Knowledge of how to use Hubspot tool;
  • Mastery of social media platforms as well as social media scheduling tools such as Hootsuite;
  • Understanding of social media reporting and metric analysis;
  • Excel/Google sheets knowledge is required.
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Anthony Murphy
Senior Consultant
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