Senior DevOps Engineer

Isle of Man
£60,000 - £78,000
Chris Doyle
Job Ref
  • Using Agile
  • Leading software house
  • Great benefits
This is your opportunity to be part of a leading software house in the online gaming world. Their passionate, innovative and incredibly awesome teams create the best technology in the field, and each day is a chance to level up.
Be part of a team working with a wide array of techniques, tools, platforms languages and frameworks. Help them deliver their diverse range of products to on-prem and on multiple cloud providers utilizing modern CI / CD.
Like what you see? Here is what they want to see…
Knowledge and experience with as many of the following as possible:
  • Using Agile or Lean processes and methodologies to plan and execute work.
  • Creating and reading requirements specifications and diagrams (application, networking, data flow etc)/

  • At least one programming language (compiled or interpreted)
  • Making reusable (well parameterized) and readable scripts (any scripting language)
  • Git repositories

  • Writing or running unit tests, integration test and performance tests
  • Uptime probes and health checks

  • Pipelines as code
  • Packet Managers like NPM or NuGet
  • Compiling code
  • Multi-stage Docker files
  • Docker Registries

  • Infrastructure as code using tools like Terraform, Pulumi, Azure ARM or AWS Cloud Formation
  • Immutable infrastructure

  • Least privilege and service principles
  • Semantic versioning
  • Common release patterns like blue green, rolling updates, canary releases etc.

  • Response automation based off events like logic app applications based off an alert.

  • Creating sustainable alerts which do not cause alert fatigue.
  • Site reliability engineering experience

  • Communicating ideas and concepts people with varying roles and experience
  • Communicating the results of investigations with varying roles and experience
  • Willingness to coach and mentor colleagues to help improve their skills
  • Writing and maintaining documentation
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Chris Doyle
Recruitment Consultant
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