Manager Aircraft Leasing - Commercial Asset Management

Fiona Healy
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  • One of the leading companies in the Aviation Industry
  • Working closely with the Aircraft Procurement & Sales Manager
  • Opportunities for growth
The Manager Aircraft Leasing will be responsible for all the operational aspects of leasing aircraft to Group airlines. In addition, the position shares responsibility for commercial ownership of the Group’s aircraft with the Aircraft Procurement and Sales Manager. Duties include the following: Lease Management:
  • Monitoring of lease reporting requirements;
  • Tracking of lease payments;
  • Securing responsibility for all rights and obligations from lease agreements;
  • Maintaining contract documentation database for all aircraft leases;
  • Monitoring location and technical conditions (including maintenance events) of aircraft assets.
New Aircraft Leases:
  • Preparing and evaluating business cases;
  • Preparing commercial offers;
  • Preparing contract agreements;
  • Attending meetings and negotiations;
  • Performing the physical delivery process of aircraft.
Lease Renewals:
  • Evaluating asset values, lease rates and maintenance reserve rates;
  • Preparing and evaluating business cases;
  • Approaching lessees in respect of lease renewals;
  • Preparing and executing lease renewal agreements;
  • Preparing remarketing cases (Lease, Sell, Part-Out, Scrap) in coordination with procurement & sales management.
Asset Management:
  • Preparing and maintaining the commercial (and technical) database for all aircraft;
  • Cooperating with Group Aircraft Asset Management to develop Group-wide database;
  • Cooperating with Aircraft Procurement and Sales Manager.
  • Conducting analysis on the aviation leasing market; Evaluating lessee information.
Management Support:
  • PreparingManagement Reports and presentations;
  • Re-evaluating and updating Business Cases.
Accounting Support:
  • Supporting Accounting Department;
  • Supporting in respect of external and internal audits.
Aircraft Projects:
  • Cooperating in projects with Group Commercial Fleet Management and Group Technical Fleet Management.
Role requirements:
  • Major in Business or Engineering or similar qualification;
  • In-depth Knowledge of Aviation Leasing Industry;
  • Minimum of three (3) years work experience in a similar role;
  • Good management and time skills;
  • Ability to multi-task;
  • Ability to keep calm in stressful situations;
  • Airline experience;
  • German language skills are desirable.
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Fiona Healy
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