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Anthony Murphy
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  • Full commercial & product responsibility
  • Strong knowledge of the German iGaming market required
  • Flexible work schedules + other attractive benefits offeref
We're searching for a Product Owner Germany (DACH) with experience and motivation to manage one or more of our websites and their day-to-day operations. This person should have a track record of success in an SEO-driven lead generation firm, increasing resources via freelancers, and using these to grow products independently. You will be responsible for both commercial and product aspects of the company, which necessitates a diverse set of talents and entrepreneurial thinking.

The ideal applicant has solid SEO experience, is well-versed in how to design and grow lead-generation sites, is well-versed in the German iGaming business, and has the proper mindset to provide exceptional results.

The Role:

  • One or more affiliate websites are coordinated;
  • Keeping track of and prioritising numerous work procedures;
  • Project employees/freelancers and other stakeholders' communication, task assignment, and leadership;
  • Project planning and implementation are under your authority and responsibility.
  • Website optimisation is conceived independently;
  • Creating an asset-specific project plan and roadmap;
  • Budgeting and resource planning on a quarterly and monthly basis;
  • Creating and disseminating weekly and monthly reports on a regular basis;
  • Managing current resources and stakeholders;
  • Organising and optimising content production and quality assurance for the assets chosen;
  • Developing editorial standards and structure concepts and putting them into practice in workflows;
  • Existing procedures are being monitored, analysed, and optimised;
  • Identifying new content modules and concepts, doing a feasibility analysis, and developing a concept that incorporates all key departments and business KPIs;
  • Identifying benchmarks and conducting frequent market and competitive analyses;
  • Developing content marketing concepts; assisting the social media team with certain assets;
  • Creating a mobile-first content strategy that caters to all relevant devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers;
  • Identifying and analysing new revenue prospects that support the company's revenue stream;
  • Growing traffic and, as a result, income through a diverse range of traffic sources, reporting directly to the Company's Chief Operations Officer and the Board of Directors;
  • Taking on the responsibility of meeting a project's objectives;
  • Optimising user conversion to the project's brand(s);
  • Any other unspecified tasks and/or responsibilities that may be reasonably expected of them in their job.
  • Have at least two (2) years of Project Management experience in online marketing;
  • Have extensive experience with SEO in German-speaking markets, as well as UX optimisation, CRO, content management, and traffic acquisition through multiple methods;
  • Have thorough knowledge of WordPress environments;
  • Have a thorough understanding of the German iGaming market, ideally with hands-on experience in the development of German iGaming assets;
  • Have already guided small groups;
  • Have Project Management experience (e.g., the scrum technique);
  • Being a native German speaker is a plus;
  • Be an excellent English speaker;
  • When it comes to developing new concepts, be innovative, proactive, and have a strong capacity for teamwork.
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Anthony Murphy
Senior Consultant
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