Site Reliability Engineer - mid / senior level

€35,000 - €50,000
Dan Brown
Job Ref
  • Ability to debug, optimize code, and automate routine tasks
  • Experience with : Java, C#, Go, GCP, Infuxdb, Grafana.
  • 3-5 years of experience in computing, distributed systems, storage or networking
About the job:

  • Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) combines software and systems engineering to build and run large-scale, massively distributed, fault-tolerant systems. SRE ensures that services—both our internally critical and our externally-visible systems—have reliability, uptime appropriate to users’ needs and a fast rate of improvement. Additionally SRE’s will keep an ever-watchful eye on the capacity and performance of our system. Much of our software development focuses on optimizing existing systems, building infrastructure and eliminating work through automation.
  • On the SRE team, you’ll have the opportunity to manage the complex challenges of scale which are unique to us, while using your expertise in coding, algorithms, complexity analysis and large-scale system design.
Key Responsibilities:

  • Engage in and improve the whole lifecycle of services—from inception and design, deployment, operation, and refinement.
  • Support services before they go live through activities such as system design consulting, developing software platforms and frameworks, capacity planning, and launch reviews.
  • Maintain services once they are live by measuring and monitoring availability, latency, and overall system health.
  • Scale systems sustainably through mechanisms like automation; evolve systems by pushing for changes that improve reliability and velocity.
  • Lead sustainable incident response, blameless postmortems, and production improvements that result in direct business opportunities for Organization.
  • Manage individual project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables.
  • Provide guidance to other team members on managing end-to-end availability and performance of mission-critical services, on building automation to prevent problem recurrence, and on building automated responses for non-exceptional service conditions.
  • Able to work in shifts 24x7
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Dan Brown
Associate Consultant
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