Contracts Administrator

€30,000 - €32,000
Helena Staelens
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  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Legal background
  • Attractive package
As Contracts Administrator you will be responsible for administering contracts in an effective and efficient manner per the needs of the organisation, ensuring that all aspects of a contract are monitored or managed to protect both the interests of the Company and the other party to the contract. You will work closely with management to identify areas where contracts can be improved and with outsourced legal persons to ensure that all parties adhere to the letter and spirit of the contract.


• Drafting and negotiating contracts that are legally binding between both parties
• Establishing contract terms and conditions including service levels, fees and financial obligation
• Liaising with external legal practitioners and other departments to ensure deadlines and requirements of the contract are met
• Undertaking contract analysis and providing advice to the business
• Drafting and revising contracts, which may include preparing documents for tender, negotiation of legal agreements with customers or suppliers and undertaking research on topics relevant to the industry
• Negotiating contracts with other companies or individuals per legislation
• Monitoring and advising on compliance with contractual obligations, including revisions to existing contracts
• Communicating changes in the business's legal obligations to individuals within an organisation
• Demonstrate ability to draft contracts per the requirements of the business
• High level of accuracy and attention to detail
• Effective communication skills, particularly when liaising with other departments or external organisations such as clients suppliers and regulators
• Ability to work independently or as part of a team
• Strong organisational skills
• Qualifications related to contract drafting and negotiation

Regular day-to-day activities for a Contracts Administrator include:

• Updating contract management software, including new draft contracts
• Arranging contracts with suppliers, customers or other external parties
• Sourcing, review and revising documentation according to the needs of business operations
• Drafting or revising legal agreements per business requirements
• Liaising with external organisations regarding changes to contractual obligations
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Helena Staelens
Senior Consultant - Legal & Compliance Department
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