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Irena Rostkowski
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  • JavaScript
  • Senior Full Stack Developer
  • Java
looking for a full stack developer to join the development team based in Malta .

  • Is able to work autonomously 
  • Is passionate about coding and loves to learn and share new concepts and techniques.
  • Can work in a flat organisation where ideas (rather than people) ‘win’ at the end of the day.
  • Can write functional code and understands the benefits of immutability. 
  • Is fluent in Java but is also interested in other languages such as Scala, Kotlin or Clojure!
  • Is fluent in Javascript but gets excited when we say Typescript or Kotlin!
  • Enjoys hearing about Event Sourcing, Microservices, CQRS and Actors! 
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Irena Rostkowski
Sales Support Associate
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