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Hilda Rudbo
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  • Lead and manage a team of dedicated employees
  • Setting the standard, through implementing processes and strategic plans
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of MGA and UKGC regulatory requirements
Customer Support Manager
The Customer Services Manager will oversee the customer services team for three of our casino brands and has a thorough understanding of both our clients’ and business needs.

The main role is to lead and manage a team of dedicated employees, who are the front line of support, to ensure they are offering our customers the excellent service which our brands are recognised for.

Your goal is to run the department efficiently, maximising the resource available across multiple languages, ensuring ongoing excellent customer satisfaction with you at the helm.

As the Customer Support Manager, you plan, co-ordinate and control the activities of the customer service team to maintain and enhance relationships and meet organizational and departmental objectives.

The role consists of, but is not limited to the following:
Managing the Customer Services team by:
• Recruiting, Selecting, orienting and training new employees.
• Reviewing, coaching, counselling, providing regular feedback and conducting quarterly and yearly performance reviews for your team members.
• Identifying and addressing staff training and coaching needs.
• Setting up a sound rewards and recognitions program to ensure that the customer services team is always striving for better, and the employees are always driven to perform.

You achieve customer service objectives by:
• Setting the standard, through implementing processes and strategic plans for the betterment of your team.
• Keeping ahead of the industry’s developments and applying best practices to areas of improvement.
• Overseeing productivity and implementing the highest customer-service standards for your team.
• Working with the product team to implement diligent escalation processes.
• Determining system improvements and implementing changes to provide your team with the best tools to do the job.
• Liaising with company management to support and implement growth strategies.
• Setting up, leading and reporting on your department to key stakeholders.

You improve customer service quality by:
• Communicating to the team the job expectations, as well as individual and departmental deliverables.
• Developing, evaluating and re-designing service processes, policies and procedures.
• Evaluating your team members to seek out areas of improvement.
• Monitoring and analysing statistics of your department to compile and share accurate reports.
• Encouraging agent feedback and a courteous attitude towards our customers.

You have a broad range of qualities and skills, and these are most necessary for this role:
• You have strong leadership abilities
• You know how to guide your team to perform well and to keep them motivated.

You have empathy for both customers and employees.
• You are a powerful communicator
• Nothing is more important in customer service than effective communication. It is the bedrock of your relationship with the team and your interactions with customers.
• You have a strong command of English.

Responsible gaming processes
• You have strong knowledge and understanding of MGA and UKGC regulatory requirements and operator commitments toward these regulators.
• You have in-depth knowledge of the processes and features which operators must have in place in line with responsible gaming commitments.

You know how to prioritize
• You have strong organizational skills and know how to set priorities for yourself and your team.

• A minimum of 3 years working as a Customer Service Manager or as a Team Leader in an online gaming company.
• In-depth knowledge of customer service principles and practices.
• You’ve had a hand in training employees in the past.
You have vast experience in handling customer complaints.
* In-depth knowledge of customer service software and databases.
* Experience with customer service applications and live chat systems.
* Proficiency with MS office applications.
* Casino Product knowledge.

-You have a strong, positive attitude towards your work, you’re great at multi-tasking and work well under pressure.
- You’re a leader and can motivate your team to overcome any situation.
- You have a vision. You can rally the troops during tough times, keeping them focused on the big picture.
- You are patient, tactful and diplomatic.
- You are a great communicator.
- You think strategically and have a strong desire to get the job done.
- You are resourceful and a problem solver.
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Hilda Rudbo
Senior Consultant
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