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Lourens Pahud de Mortanges
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Your expertise is needed in the setup and development of our chat bot. Your vision and leadership will pave the way for the development and deployment of multiple business cases that will help create value for all our stakeholders. 

  • Prepare Chabot storyboards, user/process flows to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas.
  • Represent the company with a passion as you research, recommend, and propose solutions to improve the way we handle interactions through a Chat bot.
  • Maintain the Integrity of our project roadmaps for all Chat bot business cases through ongoing participation in project design and development stages from the concept to final hand-off.
  • Ensure business needs are collected, prioritized and communicated to our business partners.
  • Develop Debug and Deploy conversational chatbot experiences using appropriate platform and tools.
  • Participate in creating guidelines, best practices and standards of Chat bot-featured deliverables.
  • Keep abreast of the latest Chabot trends, techniques, and technologies
  • Help the organization Embrace Change as you streamline and optimize our processes and solutions through the design, development, testing, implementation and support of chat bot business cases.
  • Provide business partners and stakeholders with expertise, insights, analytics and recommendations about how bots can be applied to Create Value throughout our organization.
At all times you have to: 
  • Adhere to the company’s Handbook and Code of Conduct. o
  • Maintain the strictest level of confidentiality with all of our data.
You’ll also need to perform other duties and responsibilities not specifically outlined herein, but which are logically and properly inherent to your role.

To become a Chat Bot Developer, you should meet these requirements…

  • Ideally, you have 1-2 years of professional development experience designing and developing chatbots for various channels (web, facebook messenger, sms etc.) using bot platforms or raw code.
  • Experience with creating regular expressions, PHP and/or Javascript.
  • Experience in creating workflows, storyboards, user flows, process flows and site maps.
  • Knowledge and experience in some of the key AI platforms.
  • Positive attitude and self-motivated with the ability to receive and provide ongoing feedback.
  • You must have strong organizational skills combined with a professional work ethic – you’ll have direct Accountability for your success and success of our technologies.
  • Excellent time management skills, ability to multi-task and to remain focused while working both independently and as part of a team.
  • Without a doubt, you should have the flexibility to work in a Fun, fast paced environment with a rotating 24/7 schedule and sometimes even be required to work on holidays.
  • Knowledge of call center fundamentals and the ability to Embrace Change will help you be successful.
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Lourens Pahud de Mortanges
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