Full Stack Developer - JAVA

€40,000 - €50,000
Jordan Doughty
Job Ref
  • Must be fluent in Java
  • Willing to learn new languages, Scala, Kotlin or Clojure
  • Fluent in JavaScript
The ideal candidate should have the following qualities:
  • Is able to work autonomously
  • Is passionate about coding and loves to learn and share new concepts and techniques.
  • Can work in a flat organisation where ideas (rather than people) ‘win’ at the end of the day.
  • Can write functional code and understands the benefits of immutability. 
  • Is fluent in Java but is also interested in other (cooler :p) languages such as Scala, Kotlin or Clojure!
  • Is fluent in Javascript but gets excited when we say Typescript or Kotlin!
  • Gets excited upon hearing about Event Sourcing, Microservices, CQRS and Actors! If you know who Eric Evans and Carl Hewitt are you will feel right at home!
  • Is not fixated with a particular language/technology but rather with the underlying concepts and ideas.
  • Is eager to collaborate with other crazy smart people to create an amazing casino product.
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Jordan Doughty
Associate Consultant
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