Breaking Grad: 5 Tips on Getting a Career as a Graduate

With your diploma finally in hand and that hard-earned degree under your belt, the real world beckons as you prepare to swap your toga for a suit and briefcase. However, finding a job straight out of university can appear quite intimidating for a variety of reasons – maybe you haven’t quite decided on a career path, or you may even feel confused and overwhelmed with all the possibilities that are out there. If you’re looking for work in Malta and need some advice on job hunting, continue reading for some helpful tips compiled by the team at Boston Link.

1. Increase Your Employability

Easier said than done, we know! However, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that a degree alone is rarely enough these days. Candidates with work experience or with a history of volunteering and a list of extracurricular accomplishments on their CV are far more likely to stand out from the crowd. Consider applying for internships before, during or after your studies, as they can help you gain relevant knowledge, experience and skills within your field as well as form important connections. Some markets might be particularly competitive, so be prepared to take unpaid internships as well – they’ll eventually pay off in other ways!

2. Network

Thanks to social media and the rise of technology, networking has never been easier for young graduates. LinkedIn is becoming ever more popular with headhunters and recruiters, so make sure that your profile is fully updated; the wider your LinkedIn network is, the higher the chance you have of being spotted by companies that you’re interested in. Take things beyond the Internet by attending job fairs, summits and other in-person events – you never know who you could bump into.

3. Beef Up Your CV

Show that you have the skills needed to succeed in the workforce by emphasising any positions at university organisations, internships or voluntary work in your CV. Your education is also one of your strongest assets, so make sure to include any study-abroad experience along with your graduation date and your main area of study. Make your CV stand out by using keywords; for example, if the job position you’re applying for uses adjectives such as “tech-savvy” or “creative”, include relevant sections in your CV such as “Technological Skills”, and have a portfolio ready in case you’re asked to show samples of your work.

4. Brand Yourself

These days, your online presence is almost as important as your actual CV, especially when it comes to industries in the digital domain. If you have the skills, build an impressive “online footprint” by creating your own website to showcase your work and tell your story. Beware of common social media mistakes, such as befriending someone who has just interviewed you – not only is this overstepping your boundaries, but it could also result in an awkward situation if you don’t get the job after all.

5. Spread Your Wings!

Are you feeling stifled by a lack of options in your current location? Take a chance and start looking outside your geographic area, including overseas. The world has never been as connected as it is now, so if you’ve been dreaming of a job abroad and having new experiences, well, there’s no time like the present.

Are You Looking for Work in Malta or the Isle of Man?

Calling all coders! If you possess top-notch IT skills and have a passion for iGaming, we at Boston Link want to hear from you. The sunny island of Malta has attracted many job seekers looking for work in local software houses, such as Accreda, RS2, Computime, Shireburn, Dakar and Exigy. If iGaming is more your thing, you’re simply spoilt for choice – Malta is the jurisdiction of choice for most operators looking to establish themselves in the industry, and thus has a wide range of companies who are constantly looking for talented and ambitious individuals from around the globe.

Those graduates who are looking for IT jobs in the Isle of Man should also consider iGaming (otherwise known as eGaming) as well as start-ups such as Coin Corner. For more information on relocation or work in Malta and the Isle of Man, take a look at our previous blogs.

The team at Boston Link specialises in recruiting international talent for the iGaming and Finance industries, and the emerging Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies. For more information about work in Malta or the Isle of Man, contact Adriana Borg-Cardona or Cosmo Currey.