Ensuring continuity and resilience for our clients and candidates

As more of our clients, candidates and staff work remotely whilst navigating their way through difficult business decisions in response to the COVID-19 virus, we are also monitoring how best we respond to such a fluid situation (along with the rest of the world).

Boston Link are present across the UK, Malta, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. We have seen first-hand what is happening with many of our clients' businesses; closing borders and cancelling sporting events do not bode well for the Aviation and iGaming sectors. Yet we have already seen evidence of how certain companies continue to create new opportunities from this. These include a significant increase in the number of bookings for private jets correlating with heightened concerns about COVID-19; and an increase in non-sports areas of online gaming such as Poker, Casino and e-sports betting. As these new realities settle in, there is a huge impact across businesses.

Concerns about recruiting are no different, and we are certainly not immune to that.

According to onrec, job seekers are hesitant to enter a new job process for worry over face-to-face meetings and ongoing job stability. We recognize why this may be seen as difficult times for businesses we have seen and lived recent past downturns (tighter regulations in iGaming, the 2008 financial crisis and shifting aviation markets).

So what does this all mean for hiring decisions?

Whilst our clients are no strangers to disruption, a key challenge right now is to recognise winning talent within the organisation and help utilise and transform resilient skills; quick to adapt, flexible and agile to help prioritise business needs. Ultimately finding talent who are strong risk managers, great project managers and those who can prove to innovate. 

Similarly, those who join a company in a time of crisis can take the opportunity to challenge the status quo and directly influence change to thrive as both employer and employee in a time of adversity.

We haven’t seen a slow down in recruitment. In fact, we have seen a rise in digital workplace practices to better prepare, (we have already seen a vast increase in video conference calls, testing values and personality online) and to lessen the business-as-usual impact.

Whilst navigating through this unnerving time we are here to help consult businesses with any recruitment challenges they may have. Ensuring there's business continuity and help build resilience we are also offering CV workshops for candidates and job seekers. In these moments of uncertainty, pick up the phone use video chat and connect with us, we’re here to help.