Hobbies to Take Up When you Move to Barcelona

Queen dedicated a song to it, Gaudi was inspired by it. Chances are, if you’ve got a passport, Barcelona is on your list. But what about those considering moving there? Although living in a foreign country can be an exhilarating experience, starting from scratch can be challenging. Which is why the team at Boston Link has gathered a few things to do in Barcelona and activities you can take up as an expat– whether it’s to meet new people, learn a new skill or fill your free time once office hours are over!

1. The Flamenco Experience

Get the basics of this passionate, seductive Spanish art form, which is a combination of traditional dance, instrumental and song, at one of the many schools offering flamenco courses throughout the city. If, however, you’ve got two left feet and would rather leave the dancing to the professionals, you can opt to do one of the most popular things to do in Barcelona and watch an authentic show – one of the most famous being at the Tablao Flamenco Cordobes in Las Ramblas.

2. Learn Spanish

You know what they say; “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” As a newbie in a new city, learning the language can give you a different perspective, help you integrate better and earn you points with the local community. And because “Gracias” and “Hola” will only get you so far, why not take advantage of your surroundings and learn a new language by enrolling in a Spanish or Catalan course? For something more laid-back and social, there are plenty of language exchange events held at bars around the city, where you can meet expats and locals alike over a drink. Or two.

3. Beach Volley

Being an enchanting seaside city, there’s a beach in Barcelona for everyone – be it the youthful and lively Nova Icaria or the more tranquil Caldetes. Beach activities such as volleyball are a must here, so soak up the sun while getting fit, and if you have kids, this is a great way to get them to use up their energy!

4. Cooking Classes

Looking for things to do in Barcelona that satisfies your foodie gene? We at Boston Link think that of the best ways to learn about a foreign country’s history and culture is through their food. The authentic taste of Spain is easy to find at the city’s many local eateries and tapas bars, but not much beats learning to cook the traditional cuisine yourself – and Barcelona is overflowing with cookery classes! From the ingredients used, to the way the food is prepared, and flavours combined, deviating from the standard tourist traps and taking a cooking class with a local will deepen your experience of the place. Bonus: you’ll probably pick up the right pronunciation of paella.