Malta: Where Mediterranean Charm Meets Career Opportunities

Malta is an interesting blend of cultures, cuisine, and architecture. If you’re thinking of relocating to Malta, here are some activities you can try out to quickly immerse yourself in the Maltese lifestyle, meet new people, and take advantage of all the islands have to offer!
Did you know 22% of our placements with clients are relocations to Malta?

We had a chat with Consultants; Emma and Dan who moved to Malta to progress their careers in 2022. They gave us their top reasons why others should consider moving here too!

Malta is a multilingual nation, with English serving as one of its official languages. Due to the lack of a language barrier, English speakers may easily converse, making it easy to get around the island as well as work here.

Mediterranean climate: For individuals who prefer spending time outside, Malta's Mediterranean environment, which has beautiful warm spring, moderate winters and very warm summers, offers a wonderful work-life balance. You’re always 10 minutes away from the sea from anywhere on the island, and the sea here is SO beautiful.

Multicultural society: People from all over the world live and work in here, which boasts a multicultural and diversified population. This results in a lively and friendly community, full of open-minded people.

Good quality of life: Malta has excellent healthcare and education system, a low crime rate, and a wide variety of recreational opportunities.

Situated in the centre of the Mediterranean, making it an accessible starting point for travel to neighbouring European nations. Easy to visit home or enjoy city breaks all over Europe.

Competitive salaries with career growth options: Malta being the hub of iGaming; offers competitive pay, dynamic and flexible roles with so many options for growth and career progression. Generally there is a great Work-life balance and flexible working hours are prioritized in Malta, allowing an easy-going workplace environment.

Activities. Activities. Activities.  From Scuba diving (with incredible wrecks!) hikes, kayaking and paddle boarding to beach volley, jet-skis, and surfing.

 An incredible food scene as well as nightlife: So many options of great restaurants all over the island, with 6 Michelin star and multiple restaurants on the Michelin guide. Pubs, cocktail bars, karaoke bars and clubs- something for everybody’s taste.

Economy has been expanding and tax rates are low: Malta has some of the lowest tax rates in Europe, which attracts international laborers. The economy has been expanding gradually over the past few years, with a particular emphasis on the technology and financial services industries.

Thinking of moving here too? Get in touch with one of our international consultants. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the right career match. Check out our vacancies here!