Meet our Apprentice, Joe Lynch

Last month we welcomed Joe Lynch to the team as an apprentice Talent Acquisition Officer. Joe is a recent graduate from the University of Gloucestershire, looking to build a career finding people their dream jobs. He has some exciting prior experience and lots of aspirations which will see him become a valuable team member at Boston Link.

Joe is very easy to get along with and has lots of interests outside work that will help him connect with candidates and employers alike. As a keen sports fan and player, Joe is an impressive competitor, even breaking records and winning two gold medals! You will also catch him at food festivals and gigs, and when he has some spare time he enjoys gaming.

We asked a few questions to help introduce him to our community as a top recruiter. Take a look…


What is your current role with Boston Link?

The apprenticeship I’m completing leads up to the role of a Recruitment Consultant, which is focused on ‘putting the right people in the right jobs’. 

The role will involve learning a range of recruitment skills, both on paper and in practice, to enable me to become a recruitment consultant. I’ll be mentored and coached throughout the journey, to become the best recruitment professional possible.

The awarding body for the qualifications are Skillsfirst, and I’ll be covering:

  • Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Recruitment Practice 
  • Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Recruitment
  • Level 3 Recruitment Consultant Standard 


Why did you decide to go into recruitment?

I went into recruitment to give people an opportunity to improve their own life by either helping them find their dream job, or helping them find a role that will improve their overall life! My skills aligned with the role of recruiter, and I love learning new skills, so it seemed like a perfect fit.


What has been the biggest surprise of the job so far?

The biggest surprise has been how people are always looking to take the next step when you reach out to them. It’s quite inspiring to see how open people are to moving on and climbing the career ladder. The majority of people love speaking to you about new roles, and I am amazed at how accommodating people are when you are offering them a new opportunity.


What advice would you give to others who want to get into recruitment?

My main advice for people coming into recruitment would be to not be shy in trying different ways of finding clients and candidates. No single way is the right way and you should try anything that comes at you!


Name someone who inspires you and why.

Derek Redmond and his Father would be my inspiration. At the 1992 Olympics, he was one of the favourites to win the race, however half way round he pulled his hamstring. His father ran on to support his son to finish his race. I want to support  people to push through the tough times and encourage them to find that inner strength, just like Derek and his father showed.


Boston Link Apprenticeship Program 

We’re delighted to have Joe working with us to become a qualified recruitment consultant. This is an ideal role for someone with his skills and passion for helping others. His positivity is sure to inspire plenty of candidates in their next career move! Hopefully, you’ll hear more about his career journey as he progresses with us. Boston Link Director, Tom Smelt, had a few words to say about our latest recruit:

"We couldn't be happier seeing Joe take his first steps into the industry with Boston Link. He's grown a lot in the last eight weeks that he's been here and I genuinely couldn't ask for anyone better as an apprentice." 

Congratulations Joe, and welcome to the Boston Link team!

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