Step Out Of The Office: Fun Things To Do On The Isle of Man

There’s a reason why so many business owners and their families are packing their bags and moving to the Isle of Man; not only does the island offer an excellent quality of life, but it also has a diversified economy that supports traditional sectors as well as new and emerging industries. However, as we at Boston Link strongly believe, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – here are a few fun activities and hobbies that someone interested in moving to the Isle of Man could take up when they relocate.

1. Scuba diving

The hidden underwater of the Isle of Man is home to loads of truly fascinating marine life, including seals, dolphins and the incredibly charismatic Tomplot Bennies (a type of fish which are very inquisitive by nature and tend to pop their heads out of cracks and crevices to peep at passing divers). The island’s only scuba and snorkel centre, Discover Diving, is very well equipped, complete with a charter boat service and experienced instructors who will be more than happy to offer their guidance.

2. Stargazing

One of the most popular night-time activities on the Isle of Man, stargazing has become a hit with families and people of all ages living on the island. Astronomical sights such as the Orion Nebula, the Milky Way and the Great Andromeda Galaxy can all be seen by the naked eye, and at times, even the Northern Lights can be spotted from the North-East coast. If camping under the stars doesn’t appeal to you, cosy cottages are available for accommodation, with services that include waterproof picnic blankets, binoculars, folding chairs and a torch.

3. Learn Manx

The Manx language has enjoyed a revival since the late 20th century, thanks to the language being well-archived through audio recordings of native speakers. Nowadays, those wanting to learn Manx can do so by using a number of online resources and apps which are steadily increasing in number, such as and Adrian Cain’s Manx Language Podcast. There is also a bilingual column in Manx published monthly in the Isle of Man Examiner and a radio station called Manx Radio, which broadcasts the news in Manx along with weekly programmes that use the language.

4. Exploring and Sightseeing

Lovers of the great outdoors will find plenty to do on the island, from exciting heritage attractions to organised boat trips, where those on board are treated to stunning views of the Isle and its incredible wildlife. History geeks occupy their time by visiting the IOM’s medieval castles that have been recognised as some of Europe’s best preserved; a trip to Tynwald Hill is also worth taking if you’re interested in discovering more about the Island’s rich heritage.

5. Motorsports

As host to the famous Isle of Man TT Races, it’s unsurprising that the IOM in general is wheel-y crazy about motorsports! Rent a quad bike and go on an off-road adventure throughout the island’s forest courses – junior quad bikes are also available if the kids are interested in tagging along. Head over to the Manx National Kart Circuit for the ultimate experience in Go-Karting, with hair-pin bends and over 1000 metres in total to race across. 

6. Horse riding

One advantage of horse riding on the Isle of Man is that you get to visit places that are inaccessible by car, such as sheltered woodlands or beach fronts that offer beautiful views. Both beginners and proficient riders are welcome at places like Ballahimmin Riding and Pony Trekking Centre, where professional instructors will guide learners within a safe and friendly environment.

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