The rise of machines: AI & Marketing

“Don’t work harder – work smarter”. This has become the latest official slogan of the marketing world, so it comes as no surprise that those in the industry are rapidly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) for a better understanding of their target audiences. As one of the biggest marketing trends in modern business, AI is enhancing the abilities of marketers everywhere to not only develop highly insightful campaigns, but also eliminate the more tedious chores, allowing them to focus on things that matter the most. Having helped our fair share of clients find marketing jobs in Malta and other locations, the team at Boston Link takes a closer look at the effect AI is having on the sector.

Mass Personalisation

Marketers are always searching for more natural, personalised content to suit various targeted customer segments. AI is able to reach consumers based on their demographics and interests at every stage of the process, increasing conversions by tailoring a website according to the tastes and preferences of each individual user. With the help of AI tools, customer segmentation allows brands to communicate personally with each customer and enables marketers to predict future behaviour in a very accurate fashion.


Search engines have come a long way since the beginning of the Internet era; back in the days of dial-up, it was not uncommon for many users to end up with search results unrelated to what they had been looking for originally. Nowadays, thanks to AI, big companies such as Google and Bing have started to improve search algorithms, leading to rapidly improved results even with the vaguest of search terms.

AI is also helping search engine optimisation (SEO) to evolve, from helping businesses to aggregate and organise search terms in real-time to separating high-quality content from low- quality spam. Nowadays, machines are looking for context in addition to keyword placement, as search engines are crawling for “cluster content”, making it easier for those searching to find relevant content and for marketers to build successful content campaigns without a lot of unnecessary guesswork.

A Bigger Picture

Fed up of having to spend hours crunching numbers and sifting through data in order to come up with a strategy? Take heart – the ongoing evolution of AI will give more creative marketers the edge, leaving them to focus more on applying what has been learned from the data instead of having to process it themselves. This allows for a bigger and broader focus for marketers, who can go on to create campaigns that are more personalised and educated.

The Future of AI in Marketing

AI has already begun to shake things up in the marketing industry; if a company isn’t already currently implementing this technology within their marketing practices, it’s probably taking investigative steps towards doing so.

However, rest assured – the current consensus is that AI won’t be replacing marketers outright, but will rather work alongside with them in tandem. In fact, marketers will be responsible for overseeing AI tools and mechanisms to make sure that the data being captured and analysed is correct, accurate and relevant. Without non-bias human input, AI can easily be led astray by amounts of big, abstract data, reducing its effectiveness as a marketing tool. Therefore, skilled marketing strategists and creatives are still needed to provide guidance and management. Potential recruits who are looking for marketing jobs in Malta or other countries, and those who are just entering the industry will have to rise to the challenge by developing new skills.

At present, the dominant areas for AI marketing are data analysis and personalisation of marketing communications, along with the following key areas of investment and integration:

  • CRM enhancement
  • Content research and creation
  • Image recognition software
  • SEO
  • Customer service / chatbots
  • Buyer journey optimisation
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