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If you’re considering a job move, we’ve curated some helpful materials for you: guides on what to look for, writing a great CV, impressing at interview, and even relocation and settling in.

Uncategorised / July 3rd, 2019

Explaining Tax Changes in South Africa

The number of South African outbound expatriate employees has been steadily increasing over the past few years. While a good many are simply drawn to the experience of and a to...

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Job Focus / June 12th, 2019

The Rise of the Machines: How AI Will Affect the Marketing Industry

“Don’t work harder - work smarter”. This has become the latest official slogan of the marketing world, so it comes as no surprise that those in the industry are rapidly a...

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Career Advice / June 5th, 2019

Developing the Developer In You: Staying Up to Date

One moment you’re playing Minecraft, the next you wake up and you’re all grown up, coding for Google. Once you understand the basics of how programming works, all the tools a ...

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The Job Market / May 31st, 2019

The War for Talent: Ways Companies Can Attract & Retain Quality Employees

There’s only so much an appealing brand, eye-catching vacancy posts and a smooth application process can do when it comes to attracting a quality pool of job-seekers. You a...

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Relocation / May 22nd, 2019

Hobbies to Take Up When you Move to Barcelona

Queen dedicated a song to it, Gaudi was inspired by it. Chances are, if you’ve got a passport, Barcelona is on your list. But what about those considering moving there? in a a...

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Relocation / May 15th, 2019

Breaking Grad: 5 Tips on Getting a Career as a Graduate

With your diploma finally in hand and that hard-earned degree under your belt, the real world beckons as you prepare to swap your toga for a suit and briefcase. However, a job a a...

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Relocation / May 8th, 2019

Step Out Of The Office: Fun Things To Do On The Isle of Man

There’s a reason why so many business owners and their families are packing their bags and moving to the Isle of Man; not only does the island offer an excellent quality of but...

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Relocation / May 1st, 2019

Sun, Sea and Milky Tea

Steeped in 7,000 years of history and having been colonised by a succession of rulers including the Romans and the British, Malta is an interesting blend of cultures, cuisine...

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Relocation / April 24th, 2019

The Joys of Jersey Living: Hobbies, Activities and Sports You Can Do On The Island

In one of our previous articles, we mentioned many reasons why Jersey has become a popular destination for business owners and their families, with an unbeatable quality of a...

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Job Focus / April 1st, 2019

A World of Job Opportunities for Developers in Malta

Boasting an excellent climate, rich history and culture, Malta has plenty to offer, and is one of the few countries in the EU that uses English as a first language. And, despite...

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Career Advice / March 25th, 2019

What Gives You the Edge for Promotion in iGaming?

Fast. Fun. Exciting. Rewarding. Few other industries offer career opportunities like the world of iGaming; it’s no wonder that so many of the best and the brightest are to a...

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Relocation / March 12th, 2019

Island Living: Relocating to Jersey or the Isle of Man

Peace of mind? Beautiful environment? A stable economy? Yes please! Relocating to a different country is not an easy to decision to make, particularly if you already have a...

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The Job Market / March 5th, 2019

What Could a No-Deal or Hard Brexit Look Like for the Channel Islands and The Isle of Man?

If you’re looking to relocate for work reasons to the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, jobs in the eGaming and finance industries are high in demand, offering both and the -...

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The Job Market / February 27th, 2019

Brexit and Beyond: The Golden Future of the Insurance Industry in Malta

With Brexit just a few weeks away, hundreds (if not thousands) of UK companies are looking to relocate their business before Britain officially withdraws from the European a...

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Job Focus / February 19th, 2019

Observations Of iGaming Salaries

Malta has become widely viewed as the global home of the booming iGaming sector. And in an industry that puts so much emphasis on talent acquisition and retention, insights an...

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Job Focus / February 13th, 2019

The Increasing Demand in SEO Workers: Digital Marketing Jobs

Ask a class of children how many of them  want to be a doctor or a pilot when they grow up and you’ll get a few raised hands. Ask them who wants to be an athlete or a famous and...

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The Job Market / February 7th, 2019

Big Data, Big Options: The Future of Data in iGaming and Finance

It’s a techie’s world and we just live in it! It’s fast becoming impossible to go online without seeing words such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and big...

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Job Focus / January 29th, 2019

Female Coders Who Defied all Odds and Changed the World

While more women are in the workforce today, data and statistics show they are also vastly underrepresented across the tech field. In terms of sheer numbers, the Culture is a is a a...

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Relocation / January 7th, 2019

Malmo in the Med: How Malta has become a Second Home for Scandis

Sunny weather, blue skies and sea, friendly locals… need we continue? There are many reasons why so many Scandinavian job seekers have found a veritable paradise on the Tiny in...

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The Job Market / December 12th, 2018

Let’s Get Digital: How Blockchain is Affecting the Jobs Market

Children of the Revolution Whatever you think of millennials and Gen Z, it’s undeniable that young job seekers are living in a time where the internet is undergoing a second,...

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Relocation / July 19th, 2018

Growing Career with a growing family – London or the Isle of Man?

London; one of the most prosperous capitals in the world. Thriving with business and offering endless career progression to those with a hunger for wealth and success. It be...

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Relocation / May 31st, 2018

Cost of Living Malta: 2018 Edition

The internet is full of conflicting information on what to expect when relocating. In this article, we will break down your main expenses for the cost of living in Malta so you is...

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Meet Our Consultants / April 3rd, 2018

Meet the Consultant, Tom Smelt

Tom Smelt is a Managing Consultant here at Boston Link. He started off his recruitment career 11 years ago in London, following his degree in Accountancy and Economics from the of...

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Career Advice / January 4th, 2018

Optimising your LinkedIn profile to land your dream job.

Your LinkedIn profile is your online résumé. The difference to your paper CV is that people can view this whenever they want, without waiting for you to apply for a role, them to a...

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The Job Market / November 28th, 2017

President’s Trust Workshop

We have recently launched an employment, education, and training programme for youths, between 15 and 18 who are looking to enter the employment market. The programme, is a...

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Career Advice / November 28th, 2017

Is it time to change your job?

We all ask ourselves this question every now and then during our working life; this isn’t a bad thing, nor is this is a feeling to be ignored. According to the US Bureau of Labor the...

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The Job Market / November 9th, 2017

Writing killer job descriptions that are IMPOSSIBLE to ignore

Recruiting the best talent is by no means an easy task. If it was easy, companies wouldn’t pay for somebody else to do it for them – and a lot do.  A recent study from Bersin by the...

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Job Focus / October 24th, 2017

What does it take to work in the blockchain industry?

New technology often does the hard work of transforming the world well before the general population even realises its happening. As a result, rapid technological change and of...

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Career Advice / September 28th, 2017

10 tips for landing your dream job

1. Be clear about what you're looking for Before you start looking for a new job, be sure about what it is that you're looking for. This could be a simple promotion, a sideways or a a...

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The Job Market / June 25th, 2017

Picking a star: why headhunting is different to recruiting

Cosmo Currey is a Senior Consultant at Boston Link and spends his days headhunting, as opposed to recruiting, candidates. Here, he reflects on the differences between the who an...

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The Job Market / March 24th, 2017

Maltese insurers advised to learn from iGaming for recruitment best practice

Originally covered in the Malta Independent. A breakfast briefing held this month has underlined some major upcoming changes in key insurance markets that will have an a...

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The Job Market / January 31st, 2017

The Maltese talent war: gaming salaries in 2017

Last week we published our first comprehensive guide to salaries in the Maltese gaming industry, using extensive data collected over the last year. The response from the has a...

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Relocation / January 4th, 2017

The Cost of Living in Malta: 2017 Edition

So you’re considering a move to Malta. Maybe you’ve spotted a job on our site that looks promising, with an attractive salary. Naturally, the next sensible question to ask up...

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Interviews / October 14th, 2016

Did I get the job then? How to nail an interview

Workplaces are much more diverse than they used to be, which is a great thing. Some are very traditional, but less formal arrangements are more and more common. As a result, it's...

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Relocation / June 30th, 2016

Why pro-EU Londoners are considering Malta for their next career move

The referendum result was a significant shock for the 60% of Londoners who voted for Remain. Now, as the dust begins to settle, many of them are starting to think about what comes a a...

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Relocation / June 27th, 2016

Are Gibraltar’s finance and gaming jobs secure post-Brexit?

Of all the uncertainty caused by the Brexit vote, a great deal is concentrated in the small British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, on the Southern tip of Spain. The small voted a...

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Career Advice / June 6th, 2016

Onshore vs Offshore, where is the best place for career advancement?

This article was originally written for EGR Magazine by Managing Director, Julian Perigo, as a comment on the international eGaming jobs market. I’ve lived and worked in...

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Relocation / April 5th, 2016

Relocating to Malta: a guide

So maybe you’ve spotted a job you like, but it’s in Malta, or perhaps you are just looking for somewhere where you'll get a little more sunshine and someone recommended Malta a...

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The Job Market / March 29th, 2016

Will video kill the paper CV?

Video content is everywhere. Ever since we all moved away from dial-up internet and onto fast broadband, the internet has become dominated by video content. Everyone can create...

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Career Advice / March 11th, 2016

Seek promotion or move company: which is better for my career?

Should I stay or should I go? If you’ve been in a salaried position for more than 18 months this is a question you should probably be asking yourself. We aren’t trying to or – of...

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The Job Market / February 29th, 2016

The gender opportunity: embracing diversity in Malta

After many years working in recruitment and client meetings beyond counting, you start to notice certain trends in what hiring managers and candidates are struggling with; a to...

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Relocation / February 22nd, 2016

Relocating for a new job: what to consider

Sometimes the ideal job just isn’t nearby, so furthering your career means packing your bags. This is obviously a big decision for anyone to make. Nevertheless, it is also a is a...

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The Job Market / February 9th, 2016

Where are all the B2C Marketing Jobs?

The marketing industry has always attracted a lot of talent. After all, when you see all the amazing consumer marketing campaigns out there in the world, the prospect of being of a...

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Job Focus / February 5th, 2016

Job Focus: Four Gaming Jobs, Four Jurisdictions

This week we take a detailed look at four very different jobs in four very different countries. All of these jobs are in iGaming - otherwise known as remote gaming or eGaming - which...

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The Job Market / February 4th, 2016

Job hunting on small Islands can be challenging, right?

You live and work in a small jurisdiction, probably offshore and probably an Island, though not necessarily. We’re talking about the sort of small international communities...

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Relocation / January 29th, 2016

Relocating to the Isle of Man: a guide

So you've spotted a job you like, but it’s on the Isle of Man. Maybe you know nothing about it, maybe you’ve heard a few things about mad motorsports or tailless cats; the thing a...

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Relocation / January 29th, 2016

Relocating offshore: how do local taxes compare?

Maybe you have considered taking your career overseas. It’s an attractive prospect for many: small ‘offshore’ jurisdictions generally offer short commutes, good in an...

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Interviews / December 29th, 2015

Tips for interview success

The interview is absolutely the most critical part of the employment process. People don't hire PDFs or print-outs, they hire people, so making the right impression when you get...

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Relocation / October 13th, 2015

Why Malta is worth considering for a career move

Ask most people in the UK whether they would consider working abroad and the likely response is ‘yes…’ – followed by ‘…to New York, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong or is a...

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The Job Market / September 3rd, 2015

.Net Jobs in Malta – a Market Insight

The ICT sector is one of the most rapidly developing sectors of the Maltese economy. The increasing number of gaming companies and financial institutions based in Malta, along a...

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