Let’s Get Digital: How Blockchain is Affecting the Jobs Market

Children of the Revolution

Whatever you think of millennials and Gen Z, it’s undeniable that young job seekers are living in a time where the internet is undergoing a second, extremely significant evolution. In the past, the Web was viewed as a great tool for communication, collaboration and connection online; however, when it came to sharing assets between two parties in a secure way, problems arose.

And that’s where Blockchain steps in.

Thanks to this new technology, we now have a new digital medium which allows us to access money, digital property, stocks, bonds and many other things of value. Blockchain acts as an intermediary that establishes identity between two parties in a transaction, as well as performing all the settlement logic, including record-keeping. This carries immense implications for both the public and private sectors, from financial services and tech firms to the way government entities deliver services and store information. For example, verifiable voting technology could confirm whether votes are legitimate and time stamped, simply by auditing the blockchain.

A Bright Future

The uptake of new blockchain technology has been swift: statistics have shown that 15% of financial institutions around the world are already making use of it. And, if history has taught us anything, it’s that jobs generally follow whichever direction investment monies take. While technologists and those who work in security and encryption hold an advantage, other professionals such as lawyers, digital marketers,  and designers are also high in demand. And, as the blockchain industry grow and expands further, current and potential employees stand to reap even greater financial rewards and excitement in the future.

Blockchain needs YOU!

According to leading reports within the industry, the most promising new Blockchain jobs are:

  1. Marketing and Communications: SEO specialist? Digital marketer? The Blockchain industry is in need of smart, forward-thinking people to communicate its business value – extra points if you’re tech-savvy and creative to boot.
  2. Developers: Arguably the strongest career opportunity in the industry at the moment, developers are needed to create the necessary programs and platforms. In-demand skills currently include Microsoft SQL Server, Javascript, HTML, Visual Studios, .NET and many others.
  3. Engineers: Quality engineers are usually responsible for developing and maintaining QA automated test standards, along with planning and delivering complex blockchain projects.
  4. Entrepreneurs: Will the next Mark Zuckerberg please stand up! Although a riskier venture compared to the above career paths, tremendous opportunities lay in store for motivated and talented individuals.

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