8 Ted Talks to motivate and inspire your job search

There’s no better place to get motivated and inspired than Tedtalks.com. Over the last few months we've heard your worries around job security, starting a new role remotely or currently searching for a job. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of top Ted Talks to keep you motivated and inspire your job search. Whatever you're doing right now, check out these top 8 Ted Talks.


Jason Shen - How to highlight your job experience

We all know people who are ignored and overlooked at first but go on to do big things,” Jason Shen says "the hiring systems are missing out on potential". This talk discusses what tools and strategies you need to get through those job interviews. Inspirational and insightful Jason discusses how job seekers can make themselves more attractive through building their own portfolio.


Matt Cutts – Try something new for 30 days

Want to refine your skills on your CV? Learn how to do something with focus? Or are you simply looking to fill in time during your job search? In this talk, Matt Cutts teaches us how to do something game-changing in 30 days. 


Shawn Achor - The happy secret to better work

The idea here is working harder, become successful and therefore you become happier is backwards. This psychologist argues it’s the other way round, happiness helps us be more productive, creative and intelligence will rise. A must if you are looking for some much needed positive thinking!


Amy Cuddy - Your body language may shape who you are

In this video, Amy tells us how best to communicate better through body language. A top watch for improving non-verbal skills for those virtual job interviews and also a great for those who are looking to boost confidence quickly.


Ruth Chang - How to make hard choices

Here in this video, Ruth Chang describes how you can better make decisions by rational reasoning; shall I change my career? or shall I continue on my job path? which job should I choose between right now? She explains having to make hard choices can make you "become the author of your own life" - it's a blessing that gives you an opportunity...so don't be a drifter!


Neil Pasricha - The 3 A's of awesome

Here Neil Pasricha talks about how to lead an awesome life by outlining the 3 A's; attitude, authenticity and awareness. Hear about how you can apply this to your job search! Show all three A's to a future employer and you are well on your way to a successful job search.


Ashwini Mrinal Bhagat - What I learned from 32 grueling interviews

This talk is definitely one to watch before your next job interview. Full of useful ideas and advice that can help you with your next virtual interview.


Carol. F. Cohen - How to get back to work after a career break

Have you taken time out of work? In this talk, you will hear about Carol's own experience returning into the workforce after a career break and how employers are demonstrating how they engage with return-to-work talent.


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