CSR Roundup

Corporate Social Responsibility, is the act of a company playing a positive role in society, whilst giving something back to the community. Bringing value and creating a social purpose. It reflects a business’ accountability and commitment. CSR can be in the form of donations and sponsorships, social initiatives and environmental transformations. 
Here at Boston Link, our CSR team plans charity projects throughout the year with charities that truly need it. Many companies choose to go beyond and embed the idea of “doing good” into their business models and integrate the company’s practices into its culture and business operations.

Take a look at the exciting CSR Projects we have been up to in 2022

Zibel Beach Clean up: https://www.zibel.org/

We teamed up with Żibel, a local NGO, for their monthly beach clean-up. Our team, kiddos and doggos all joined forces at St.George's bay in Marsaxlokk, to do our bit for the environment and island. 1,300 KG of rubbish collected from land and sea: plastic, glass, metal, fishing gear, car tires, shoes, a boat and even a toilet seat! Incredible effort from all the volunteers and divers. 

Victory Kitchen: https://www.victorykitchenmalta.org

For our yearly networking party, our chosen charity was local food NGO; Victory Kitchen. Through a network of local restaurants, social workers, and logistics companies, they create a sustainable and long-term plan for delivering food to those families who truly need it. Victory Kitchen opened its doors 2 years ago, and has now established itself and “has a strong purpose within the local community” as Rafel Sammut, the founder, proudly states, having supported over 28,000 families so far!

Ukrainian help fund

After the tragedy of the war breaking out in Ukraine, and having 2 Ukrainians in our team we have set aside funds to help the Ukrainian families who have moved to Malta out of no choice of their own. We have spoken to a humanitarian centre that help these families out and bought the products they required. 

Kilimanjaro: Karl Vella Foundation https://karlvellafoundation.org/

“Turning grief into purpose” Mateusz Rostkowski, a sibling to one of our employees took on Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa in aid of the Karl Vella foundation. They support families going through grief, which is something Mateusz experienced. "Not only is the Karl Vella Foundation supporting kids going through grief but whole families"

This took them through temperature extremes, from the warm and humid rainforest to the dry and icy-cold summit, where the temperature dropped to -15 degrees Celsius on the final day of their ascent.

Natures Trust: https://naturetrustmalta.org/

We’ve teamed up with Natures Trust and have adopted 3 loggerhead turtles; Sami, Yosu and Atua. These poor turtles have had serious injuries such as being tangled up in fishing nets, being run over by boats and even missing a flipper! They have been in rehab for over a year now. By adopting them, we are funding their medical care, treatments and rehab, before being released back in to the wild. We can’t wait to watch their release!

Fondazzjoni Sebh: https://sebh.mt/

An incredible charity who have shelter homes for survivors of domestic violence, they focus on empowering woman and their children to regain independence and integrate into society. We know our donation will go a long way.