Expert view: the Boston Link iGaming salary survey

Expert view: the Boston Link iGaming salary survey


The iGaming sector has weathered the Covid-19 pandemic well, according to the latest Boston Link Salary Survey, key findings of which include that:

  • CEOs in the industry are now earning slightly more than last year
  • Average country manager salaries have jumped from between €50,000 and €80,000 to between €75,000 and €120,000
  • Dev Ops, legal, and compliance salaries have also increased 

Julian Perigo, Boston Link Managing Director, said: “At a high level, the iGaming industry has not really been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic; demand for talent is still strong.” 

To get a deeper understanding of how the sector has changed over the last 12 months, we set up a round table discussion with a team of expert consultants. Taking part in the discussion were:

  • Julian Perigo, Boston Link Managing Director
  • Tom Smelt, Boston Link UK Director
  • Anthony Murphy, Boston Link Senior iGaming Consultant
  • Hilda Rudbo, Boston Link Senior iGaming Consultant
  • Lourens Pahud de Mortanges, Boston Link Tech Consultant Manager

Here are their insights.


What’s happening to salaries in the iGaming sector? 

While our 2021 survey shows a marked increase in salaries for certain roles, especially at senior level, it also indicates that those embarking on a career in iGaming may need to lower their expectations until they are ready to climb up the ranks.

“There’s now a larger pool of people who can do the junior roles,” Smelt said. “But those in senior positions can now command higher salaries. In the past, €80,000 used to be considered quite high, but that’s quite common now at senior manager level.”

According to our experts, reasons for this include:

  • Tighter regulations - companies need people with more specialist skills at a high level
  • M&A activity within the sector - creating bigger companies with deeper pockets
  • Margins in the sector have become tighter - so companies need the right talent to maximise their profits 

The good news for jobseekers, however, is that iGaming is a relatively fair sector, both geographically speaking and when it comes to gender. 

“IGaming is quite a fair sector in that there is no real difference in the salaries paid to men and women,” Rudbo said. 

“We work with clients in a range of locations including Tallinn, Barcelona, Vienna, Athens, and of course Malta,” Perigo added.

“I would say salaries in the i-gaming industry are now quite aligned across Europe.”

The participants agreed, however, that salaries in the UK remain ahead of the curve.


How has a move towards remote working affecting the sector?

Like organisations of all kinds, iGaming companies have had no choice but to embrace remote working practices over the last year or so. But how has this affected salaries?

According to Murphy, it has contributed to a slowing of wage growth in certain areas due to people accepting lower salaries in return for the freedom to work from home.

“The move to remote working has had an impact,” he said. “A lot of jobs can be done remotely now, and people are saying they will work for less if they can take advantage of this. Being able to work remotely saves them money, so many are prepared to accept a salary of say 10% or 15% less if the position is fully remote. 

“We are definitely seeing more people asking to work remotely,” Rudbo added. 

Our experts also believe the remote working “revolution” will have an impact on the sector going forward - even once the pandemic is firmly in the past.

“IGaming companies are essentially tech companies, so they like to be seen as progressive,” Perigo said. 

“But pre-Covid they were generally very office based. Now we are seeing more companies embracing the remote revolution, although there are still some that want to remain mainly on site.”

They don’t, however, expect new ways of working to bring a permanent halt to relocations for successful job applicants.

“Relocations have more or less ceased since the pandemic began,” Perigo added. “But we expect people to start relocating within Europe again when the restrictions are lifted, despite the issues raised by Brexit for UK citizens.”


What skills are in demand in iGaming at the moment?

Upskilling is always a good way to improve your chances of earning a higher salary. But what are the best skill sets to concentrate on if you want to build a prosperous career in iGaming? 

The results of our 2021 survey suggest that the most in-demand skills are in areas such as:

  • Dev Ops, in which mid-range salaries have risen by €5,000 year on year
  • Legal, with many iGaming companies now adding Chief Legal Officers on up to €175,000 to their executive teams
  • Compliance, particularly when it comes to new jurisdictions

Our panel of consultants also agree that there is a higher demand for IT security, data analysis, and analytical marketing skills, such as social media management and Search engine optimisation (SEO) to the search-engine visibility of a website or webpage.

“My advice to people looking for a job in iGaming would be to specialise in something, such as IT security or ad-ops marketing,” Smelt said. “The aim is to get to the top of your speciality.”

Key takeaways for employers
  1. The market remains strong, so offering competitive salaries is key to netting the top talent.
  2. You may be able to recruit talented individuals for less if you offer remote working opportunities.

“It’s really important for employers to stay competitive when it comes to salaries,” Perigo said. “They have to do this to attract the best talent.”


Key takeaways for jobseekers
  1. It’s important to consider the overall package on offer from a prospective employer, not just the salary.
  2. Upskilling in in-demand areas is a great way to maximise your earning potential.

“Don't just look at the top of the salary range and decide that’s what you want,” Perigo said. “Use the salary as part of your decision-making process, but consider the other pros and cons of the position too.”


Find your next i-gaming opportunity

Whether you’re looking to start your career in iGaming, or are ready to move on to a more challenging role, Boston Link’s dedicated consultants can help you find the right position with the right company. 

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