.Net Jobs in Malta – a Market Insight

The ICT sector is one of the most rapidly developing sectors of the Maltese economy. The increasing number of gaming companies and financial institutions based in Malta, along with recent developments like Smart City in the south of the Island, have resulted in an increasing demand for experienced developers, particularly in .Net, C# and SQL. The IT jobs sector can be described as ‘candidate-driven’ – demand for candidates is exceeding supply. Salaries in IT have increased by around 10 – 15% over the last year and it is common for individuals to have multiple job offers.

We see a constant demand for candidates with .Net, C#, SQL skills as well as XML and PHP, and the challenge for employers in Malta is attracting and retaining talent. Traditionally, the Maltese have tended to go for what they perceive as the more secure jobs such as with Government or with the financial sector.  However, today there is an increasing awareness, especially among the young, that the more challenging and financially rewarding jobs are those within the gaming sector.  While gaming IT jobs in Malta may not offer the stability of other sectors, they are a great opportunity for acquiring new skills, broadening one’s horizons and working in an increasingly demanding and competitive environment.

In this candidate-short market, employers need to be aware of what other companies are offering and address this accordingly to ensure that they can attract and retain the best talent. This doesn’t have to be just about offering the highest base salaries. A recent survey showed that an easy daily commute, a fun workspace and good work / life balance all ranked higher than salary. IT professionals also want to work with the newest technologies in order to challenge and grown their technical competency. If stability and job security are on offer then that’s fine too – the challenge for employers and recruitment companies is to identify individuals who appreciate those benefits above anything else. Companies need to make sure that they have identified their ‘key selling points’, and that everyone in the organisation (and especially those involved in an interview process) can articulate these clearly to potential new recruits.

We have seen an increased willingness to hire developers from off-island, provided that they have good communication skills and are looking for a long-term career move. Fortunately the island has so much to offer that companies don’t need to ‘sell’ the benefits of relocating to Malta.