Officially Flexified

The future of work is flexible.

Flexa provides transparency in job hunting processes by verifying companies as truly flexible, it provides companies official accreditation. This is done through an anonymous survey sent out to internal staff, which tests multiple aspects of the company.

Flexa provides much needed transparency in the job hunting process for when a person is looking to join a flexible company. "We increase their discoverability through company profiles that are browsed by hundreds of thousands of users, and elevate their presence through slick employer brand marketing"

This allows companies, like us, that have worked hard to build a brilliant workplace culture, to showcase it to the great number of candidates that are looking for a flexible company to work for. 

What did Flexa Careers say about us? 

"Boston Link want their team to feel comfortable and confident in their daily work. The company believe highly in a work life balance, and so fully understand that everybody has other commitments and responsibilities. Employees are given the trust and autonomy to work how they like, as long they feel happy and productive doing so"
We got accredited for a range of benefits, including:

  •  Flexible working, some days can be remote whilst some can be office based
  •  Core hours 11-3
  •  Open to part time & compressed hours
  •  Dog friendly
  • 6 week, work from anywhere scheme
  • Enhanced maternity leave
  • Travel for team-building events and industry conferences