The War for Talent: Attracting and Retaining The Best

There’s only so much an appealing brand, eye-catching vacancy posts and a smooth application process can do when it comes to attracting a quality pool of job-seekers. You may offer the most pleasant candidate journey, a welcoming meet-the-team event and brilliant training, yet with fierce competition being at an all-time high, whatever brings sought-after talent through the door is no longer enough to make them stay.

As a leading recruitment agency with a focus on iGaming jobs in Malta, the Isle of Man and the Channel islands, our team at Boston Link shares some tips on attracting and retaining staff.

1. Benefits

From giving out free gym memberships and monthly massages to hiring in-house chefs, iGaming companies are really upping their game with the plethora of benefits they’re offering their employees.

And if you really want to stand out from the crowd – both to attract a wider pool of applicants as well as to retain talent – go above and beyond by offering unique perks. Organise themed days such as pyjama and duvet day, have a smoothie bar popup, or perhaps offer your staff a day off to volunteer at their favourite charity. Get creative! Take it from Google, whose employees enjoy benefits such as free haircuts on-site along with laundry and dry-cleaning services, giving the company a widespread reputation for their over-the-top perks. It’s hard not to be a passionate employee when so many great benefits are available!

2. Incentives

As more professionals try to find a greater balance between their professional and personal lives, offering work-from-home incentives can play an essential role in the recruitment process. However, don’t be afraid to decide which workers earn this privilege – be clear about what you expect from them, and hold them accountable for below-average work. Offering a combination of flexibility and accountability could result in a win-win situation.

It’s therefore important to understand the benefits many skilled professionals seek when they apply for a new job, and offering such incentives may be the deciding factor that makes qualified professionals choose to work for your company over another.

3. Don’t just feel appreciation, show it

We like to compare employee-company relationships to romantic ones. Many people withdraw and sometimes resort to infidelity when they don’t feel valued by their partners, and this is no different. Indeed, one of the key factors linked to employee retention is the emotional bond an employee feels towards the company and their employer. There’s not much that demotivates employees and makes them feel disengaged more than not feeling appreciated for the effort they put into their work.

An organisation’s talent is its greatest asset. It’s through its people that an organisation can achieve its business objectives and maintain its competitive edge. Thus, ensuring the company’s in a position to attract the best talent can greatly maximise its performance, while retaining quality employees will save money on recruitment and training.

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