What Gives You the Edge for Promotion in iGaming?

Fast. Fun. Exciting. Rewarding. Few other industries offer career opportunities like the world of iGaming; it’s no wonder that so many of the best and the brightest are clamouring to be part of it. However, talent and experience alone are not enough – it takes a certain drive to truly stand out from the crowd and climb the ladder within this highly-competitive field. As an experienced recruitment agency, the team at Boston Link has helped our fair share of clients find their dream iGaming jobs in Malta and other locations. Here’s what it takes to impress your superiors and boost your career in this industry!

1. Passion

One of the most important (and common) questions you’ll be asked when interviewing for iGaming jobs in Malta and other countries is “Why iGaming?” Many are attracted to this rapidly expanding industry because of the glamour, the perks and generous salaries – so managers and recruiters will be keeping an eye out for those who are truly passionate about iGaming and who genuinely intend on giving their all to the company.

The more passionate you are about your job, the more motivated you’ll be to achieve your set goals and advance your career. The environment in most iGaming companies is fast-paced to reflect a constantly evolving industry, meaning that you’ll have to be prepared to face continuous challenges in order to grow professionally.

2. Knowledge of Your Specialism

iGaming companies tend to hold a preference towards candidates with previous experience of the industry when hiring for higher positions in the company. However, once you’ve got your foot in the door, there’s nothing stopping you from improving your knowledge of your area. Hone your specialist skills by looking into what qualifications you can obtain to spice up your C.V. and how much weight they hold in the industry. In fact, many iGaming companies offer various educational options and in-house training to help their employees grow and find promotions with higher pay and shoulder greater responsibilities. There are also iGaming events which are held specifically to help both employees and CEOs expand their networks, discover new developments and make valuable connections which may well lead you down new and exciting paths.

3. Knowledge of the Industry

As with any other sector, it’s important for employees to remain aware of key developments or changes, such as the latest mergers between any major companies or new regulations in the markets. The iGaming world is not only fast-moving but also one of intense pressure, and those who learn how to keep up with it are the ones who end up thriving and reaping the rewards.  If you’ve got an agile mind and enjoy problem-solving, you’ve already got the edge to go the extra mile!

4. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or have just been promoted to a managerial role, learning how to be a team player is vital. If there’s one thing that most team leaders and supervisors discourage in new iGaming recruits, it’s big egos! Personal ambition should not get in the way of collaborating with others and taking on your share of the workload. Moreover, many promotions within certain departments (such as customer service, for example) involve managing teams of staff and bringing out the best in people. In order to motivate members in a team, you need to lead by example and bring your A-game to work every single day.

Teamwork also promotes workplace synergy, allowing individuals to feel a greater sense of accomplishment and thus incentivising them to perform at higher levels. A work environment based on respect, support, co-operation and trust will drive the company forward along with its values, vision and goals.

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