Where are all the B2C Marketing Jobs?

The marketing industry has always attracted a lot of talent. After all, when you see all the amazing consumer marketing campaigns out there in the world, the prospect of being part of that creative process is really exciting! With their sights set on this dream, many young graduates are left feeling a little disappointed when they realise that the vast majority of jobs available in the marketing industry are for B2B (business to business) roles, not B2C (business to consumer).

Now, B2B marketing can be interesting if you get the right company or agency role, sure, but it’s not what most would-be marketing pros sign up for. Yet putting ‘B2B marketing’ into any major job board will usually return many times the number of results that ‘B2C marketing’ will. Nevertheless, the jobs must exist somewhere, right? After all, we are all bombarded day after day by marketing messages in our role as personal consumers. So where does it all come from?

Well, we have some insider advice for anyone looking at a career in marketing, based on our experience listing more B2C marketing roles than just about anything else on our job board. There are loads of incredible B2C marketing and advertising jobs available if you look in the right places and industries. Without keeping you in suspense any longer, here is the particular mix we know about: offshore European jurisdictions and online gaming, respectively.

If you aren’t familiar with it, online gaming – otherwise known as iGaming or eGaming – is internet-based betting: sports books, poker, casino games, bingo, and so on. It is a massive global industry and the competition between the big brands involved is extreme. If you’ve ever watched a major sporting event, you’ll have seen the adverts! The marketing involved is complex, modern, competitive, varied, and extremely creative. As a result, the teams are usually young, dynamic, and challenging – something the companies maintain with excellent salaries and benefit structures compared to most other marketing opportunities in the jobs market.

Most of these companies run a significant portion of their operations, including their marketing, from outside of the major European economies. Small jurisdictions have therefore become hubs for jobs in these industries, with the three major locations being the Isle of Man, Malta, and Gibraltar. Whilst you may not have ever considered moving to one of these places, if you take a close look you may actually realise they have a lot to offer: they are all English speaking, stable, have shorter commutes than the big cities, a good quality of life, and significantly lower income taxes. Malta and Gibraltar also have the added benefit of Mediterranean climates!

So if you are starting out now, or you’ve been doing marketing for a while but never quite made the jump to the sort of marketing you wanted, then you may want to consider relocation. All of these companies import talent from across Europe to their hub jurisdictions and generous relocation packages are normally offered even on more junior positions.

As offshore gaming specialists, we usually list loads of these jobs over on our job board. Go take a look – even if there aren’t any right now (which would be unusual) you can always sign up for our weekly digest of new jobs.