eBook: How to work with a recruiter

How to work with a recruiter to find your dream job 


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What's in the eBook? 

Looking for a job can be taxing at the best of times and yet most people consider working with a recruiter when they have already exhausted their own job search. Generally speaking, it's a great way to advance your career prospects or network on a larger scale.

Recruiters give you knowledge of opportunities that are not yet advertised. They specialise in industries so they can help you gain an understanding of the market. In fact, the best recruiters should help you feel confident and certain about the market and give you an intimate understanding of any roles in-demand. If you’re looking for a job or considering switching industries over the next couple of months, this eBook will help direct your efforts to ensure you make the most out of your relationship with your recruiter.

Get a jump start on the road to successful job options.


The eBook shows how you can: 

Improve your LinkedIn

Prepare for a job interview

Increase the visibility of finding a job

Get the most out of your recruiter meetings


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